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Psychology of Emotion- Lecture 1- 10th January, 2013.docx

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gerald Cupchik

Psychology of Emotion PSYC18 Lecture 1 10 January 2013 Three personal themes 1. Adapting to our worlds (adjustment) 2. Finding meaning of our worlds (where am I and what is going on?) 3. Finding beauty in our worlds and expressing ourselves in our world (building a frame) Where are we now? 1. In our lives? (relationship) 2. In our work? (major) 3. In our Science? (innovative thinking, learning to think critically) Locating ourselves in space/time and history Space - We are in the middle of something and nothing at the same time - Puts you n an existential frame, gives you a sense of where we are in the universe Time - Time is shown in a linear way but not logarithmic - Travelling though orders of magnitude means that time is slowing down by a factor of ten each time - In a linear movie, our presence on earth would simply not appear - Culturally we are very recent - Everything is accelerating, we see ourselves as very futuristic, however when they look back 500 years from not they will view us differently Existentially Concept of Thrownness- we are thrown into a particular world in a particular time What do I mean by the word world? Consider the following three worlds: Umwelt: surrounding physical/organic world (relationships we have, how we separate ourselves from our worlds) Ex. You are in your mom’s womb and then you separate from your mom at birth, and slowly become ourselves. How are we merged and separated with our surroundings. Feeling an impact with the world. Mitwelt: world with others (some people are super social, and some are reserved. Gung said that people that are introverted there’s an extrovert trying to get out) We can feel on the outside with others or the inside with others. We come from different spaces. Eigenwelt: world with oneself (how can you think of yourself, separate from your family) Your family wants to decide who you will marry and how will you live. What is your responsibility with others and yourselves. Where are we now? - First imagine yourself back during the Cave Dweller era - 32 thousands year ago in France, you’re in a cave and you see paintings of animals in the cave - The caveman takes charcoal and draws what he sees, he doesn’t do it because he wants to show people. - He is just taking the image from inside the cave and bringing it out in the world. - This is very spiritual, it is bringing an idea out of your mind - It is a lot like modern art - It is a combination of Umwelt (physical surroundings) - You are externalizing your mind, creating an image that was on the wall and in your mind and bringing it out. - During the Middle ages life changed very slowly. Values changed very slowly and so meaning would change very slowly - Jump forward now to the 19 century and what Baudelaire (1821-1867) called the “Age of Discontinuity” when life began to change more and more quickly - This is because of the rapid developments in technology - Think about film, the frames that melt together - Think about the internet, McLuhan’s global village…we are everywhere now so time ad space sort of collapse. Think about when the Rogers internet wasn’t working. - How do we find ourselves in the world when the world is moving so quickly Here is critical question: - Which is moving faster; you or the world around you? - The experience of time will be a function of the relative rate of change between you and your world - What is so good about you, what change can you bring to the world. A big transition for psychology around 1500 C.E - In western European society before the Renaissance (1250-1500) the self was diminished in favour of the authority of Church and Kings
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