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Gerald Cupchik

Lecture 1 Three personal themes - Adapting to our worlds (adjustment) - Finding meaning in our worlds - Finding beauty in our worlds and expressing ourselves in our worlds Locating ourselves in space, time and history - Space: The video first zooms out from a picnic scene and then, in the second part, zooms in toward quarks. - Time: Time in this video is not shown in a linear way, but in a logarithmic one. Travelling through orders of magnitude means that time is slowing down by a factor of ten each time. In a linear movie, our presence on earth would simply not appear. Humans have been here for the last 1 million yrs in comparison to 4500 million yrs (age of earth). Humans would only appear in the last 0.06 secs in a 5min video, if viewed linear - Experience of time = relative rate of change between you and your world. - Existentially: o “Throwness”: thrown into the world at a particular time and space “existence” o Realization of where we are in the universe. Culturally speaking, where are we now?  Our era: appearance of Google – total access of all knowledge outside of our minds instantly o Worlds  Umwelt: surrounding physical/organic worlds; how do we merge with it and how do we separate from it (e.g. welcoming chair/bed vs. unwelcoming chair/bed)  Mitwelt: world with others; some people are more social with feelings of alienation towards outside; can be with or without; move in spaces, kindness/perceptual/individualism  Elgenwelt: world with oneself; separate oneself from world, can’t think of self as separate from family. I am nothing without anyone else. My responsibility to others - Cave era, time
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