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Lecture 2

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Gerald Cupchik

Psychology of EmotionLecture 2 Here is the critical questionWhich is moving faster you or the world around you The experience of time will be a function of the relative rate of change between you and your worldTime slows down if I change faster and the situation changes slowlyTime speeds up if situation changes quickly and I change slowlypoint world changes quickly related speed of changeyou can feel it The academic worldin terms of locating ourselves in our world 1 conceiving of our worlds Geisteswissenschaften human sciences study culture through Verstehen acts of empathic understanding and Hermeneutics interpreting the artifacts of a world filled with meaningunderstanding is the process that relates parts to holesparts is the concrete partit is you and what happened to youholes is the big sample space therefore understandinggoing to a wise person with your problem who is not judgemental because they have heard lots of it before holesbig sample space When conceiving of our worlds Emphasis is placed on wisdom and understanding the lifeworld Idiographic individual cases concrete situations or events Phenomenology the description and structure of experience 2 Studying our worlds Naturwissenschaftenthe objective and scientific study of nature both physical and organicWhen studying our worldsEmphasis is placed on knowledge and explanationNomothetic universal principlesrule based general rulesexplanationcause and effect Which one is more complex the physical world or the world of the mind At one level we can argue that studying the physical world is more complex At another level we can argue that the physical world is a projection of our conceptswe are taught mythsex the sun doesnt setrise we rotate around at an angleThe physical world is a creation of the noetic world the world of the mindHow does this relate to psychology Lets consider two worldsthe everyday world and the world of the laboratory aka research world 1
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