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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 - 2 Recall: 1. Mind and body conventionally separated 2. K}]}LZo}L2}Z }]o}[ 3. Some more lenient than others about emotions and sensory experience - Olympic vs. orphic - Naturalists vs. formalists 4. Hippocrates J psychobiological explanation 5. Socrates J emotion is moral evaluation Plato - Three parts to the soul: 1. Reason - Serves the function of cognition and thinking - Location: head - Reason is divine, perfect, separate from the body, immortal - When the body dies, the reasoning part of the soul lives on 2. Passion - Serves the function of motivating us - Willful action - Location: chest - Relates to emotional courage - Honourable, - Different from appetite because passion is more honourable form of the soul - Passion is associated to the body, so when body dies, passion dies 3. Appetite - Associated with the body - Location: body - Affection, dry - Base sensual desires - Desire to touch, be touched, have sex, to eat - Passion and appetite inferior to reason Implications for education - ,}oL;o}[ZZ}}}KZ o Information is changing and eternal o Its there eveytime the body revives - Point of education is to reawakenrekindle the knowledge that was there before in the past life - Sensory information is not useful at all for plato - Doxa: sensory knowledge o @LZ]L7 L[ust it, always changing - 9o}[Zo]Zoo Z]ZZ]o}Z}Z o Removed himself from sensory emotions o ] Z]KZo}Z^2}}o] }LKo]}L_
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