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Lecture 4

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Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 J 4 What is culture? - Idea gives rise to a certain recipe and we consume something we make that inspire new ideas Psychological processes can be: - Etics o Universal J e.g. 6 basic emotions: happiness, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness - Emics o There are different objects that produce different emotions in different cultures o Or there are same emotions that are brought by different antecedents o Same emotions can be expressed more strongly in one culture to another (intensity) o Differences in how cultures express emotion (expression) Western attitude towards emotions - There is an implicit benevolent attitude towards emotions - Reminiscent of: Epicureanism, john locke - Reminiscent of: german romanticism Non-western attitudes towards emotion - In western: thinking is more important than emotion Universality and facial expressions - 1. Ekman, Friesen &Tomkins o Took photos from each country and asked to label emotions o 6 basic emotions showed universality o Problem: these were industrialized nations that have contact with western media They probably become sensitive to western emotions - 2. Ekman, Sorenson & Friesen o Ask to match the same photos to different emotional-themed stories o Participants from New Guinea were very accurate to matching photos - 3. Photographed New Guinea expressions o Also very reliable results from Americans - Problem: photos were posed emotions o May be different from real emotion - 4. Ekman and Friesen o But expressions change in different social conventions Universality in emotion antecedents - bousher o Asked participants to describe scenarios that would produce one of the 6 basic emotions o Asked another group of Americans only to label emotions for each scenario o Same sort of antecedent conditions in some cases bring about the same emotions Psychological themes that elicit universal emotions 1. Accomplishing a goal J happy 2. Being prevented from accomplishing a goal (beyond control)J sad 3. Being kept from something you desire or want (goal is still possible)J anger 4. Being sickened or repulsed by something - disgust 5. Sensing danger caused by the unexpected - fear 6. Acknowledging something new or novel J surprise - Pure expression
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