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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Michelle Hilscher

PSYC18 J 7 L}lL}LKZ}Z]o}Z}Z[ZLKZZ ]oo]L]Zo Z But no need to know names of researchers of studiesexperiments Just need to know what each study is about Polarity of emotion and reason: - People think if u feel K}]}L7}[L}Z]Ll]L2]}Loo - []}LoLKl]L2o}2] o ]Z]}L7ZLKZL}oK}]}LZ - Can only be either emotional or rational Lecture 1 Hippocrates - Thinks emotions come from the brain not the heart o But thinks the brain itself can be influenced by the body through the balance of humours o Imbalance of humours can cause you to be mentally and physically ill o Unmotivated J too much phlegm o Melancholic J too much black bile o Irascible J too much yellow bile - Different body parts relate to different expressions of emotions o E.g. lungs active when you are angry Lecture 2 Plato and Aristotle completely different when it comes to education plato - 3 parts to the soul: reason, passion, appetite o Reasoning part is ideal Is the part of the soul that lives on even as the body dies o Passion and appetite
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