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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Michelle Hilscher

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PSYC18 J 8 The brain causes emotions - Peripheralist: thinks that the feedback you get from your physiological body causes psychological processes - Centralist J feedback from your central nervous system (brain)causes your capacity to think or feel emotions Recall plato - Reasoning part (head) responsible for thinking - Plato is a peripheralist Galen - The body, specifically the heart, refines qualitiesenergy in the air and yields vital spirits that drive bodily functions o But the vital spirits are not refined enough to give rise to psychological functions - The brain (marvellous net), referring to blood vessels, takes the vital spirits and are refined to animal spirits that are sophisticated enough to yield psychological processes - Galen is a centralist David Hartley - 2 types of processes in the brain - Sense impressions o Perceptions of the stimulus while it is present o Having sensations, perceiving something in front of you o Result of vibrations in the brain (grey matter) - Thoughts o Memories of objects in the past that are no longer in front of you o Result from smaller vibrations J vibratiuncles - Fusion J connection between different parts of the brain when it is vibrating at a particular frequency o Stimulus causes brain to vibrate at a certain frequency o Its like emotional conditioning in the brain o Positive fusion - If I give you an ice cream every time you do math, in the future, math will be more enjoyable without ice cream o Negative fusion J I show you a snake picture with an electrical shock, in the future, will fear snake picture even without shock - Pleasure o E.g. when you go on a rollercoaster, you may feel pleasure (fun), but too much can make you sick o Similar to Yerkes-Dodson law J too much is no good - Hartley is a centralist Emotion originates in the brain - Galen J brain refines energy - Hartley J brain is a tuning fork where different parts vibrate differently Emotion originates in the body - Tomkins J face is the center of emotion - James J body is the center of emotion Can it really be one or the other?
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