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Lecture 6

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Michelle Hislher

PSYC18 Lecture 6 EMOTIONS AND BODY ACTIONEmotions brings about reflexive body actionLaycock once induced by emotion reflex emotionMediates between organism and environmentFunctions according to principle of selfpreservationIs automaticAutomaticity is unconscious and you cant stop itHARVEY CARREmotion calls for deliberate actionEmotional reactions are awakened when the organism is unable to respond in an orderly and efficient fashionEmotion signals failure of instinct or presence of noveltyEmotions help you to plan and it also helps you face novelty In this instance emotion is quite adaptiveIt is adaptive because it helps you face your goals and it also energizes youJOHN B WATSONPattern theory of emotionEmotion is a patternreaction involving changes of the body mechanism as a wholeUnconditioned responses and instinctive responses to environmental stimuliTwopart bodily responseHe is talking about body action and the internal workings of the bodySays there are certain things that will cause unconditioned responses and says that people do have the capacity to learn and sway your emotional responseEmotions can help they aid in self preservationHeuristics for adaptive behaviorAppraisal of good vs badAid in maintenance of homeostasis signal that there is a problem and let us act the right wayTHE YERKESDODSAN LAWArousal is how much energy is in the body which is equated with the stress we feel and how that relates to the performanceHe says that if anxiety is too low or too high it isnt goodSays its best to be moderateEMOTIONS AND BODILY FEELINGSEmotions can cause facilitate or interfere with bodily action
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