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Lecture 3

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Michelle Hilscher

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ENGA11- LECTURE 3 • 20 /21 century-direction of denotation-trying to make words mean what they mean and nothing else ; don't want words with too much associative value ; periodic table is blueprint tht exerts power • Lucky- ppl in pain when trying to listen to his long speech ; one time he starts saying “the skull, the skull” language is system of deferral • we have a soul ; and this existence would help us come into form of our essence --> if ur born with soul(what keeps track of ur morality), essence—sinning would be going against ur essence --> u can stil have problem about why ur conscious is making you feel bad or you can rationalize --> every time you feel bad doesn't mean u've done something wrong --> if something else makes u feel bad --> always YET; ur not pretty yet, ur not smart yet; this can come off as being friendly cause they're saying you can be but ur just not yet • no longer enough to just consume what you need but you need to consume whatever is offered • scientific discourse is important when trying to find truth (used to be religious discourse that was dominant) • We're living in age of expertise (e.g on news they would being ppl on show who are an expert in whatever they are talking about) --> having credentials doesn't mean ur an expert ; credentialing is the crocs of power; u can't be expert until u have credentials • in order to become expert, u need to know more and more about less and less • true/false has nothing to do with • existence comes form, essence is retrospective myth we put before in order to organize ourselves • age of credentialing-->age of expertise--> age of population--> age of rationality--> those things which can be measured emerge as more important than those that cannot be calculated; so that experts can maintain their dominance as person that can speak their discourse • Pozzo- still seems to think there's a discourse (dominant discourse present as he says,don't u know my name, haven't you HEARD of me??; he was flashing his credentials; what are you doing here on MY land?) • Pozzo keeps trying to exert power- new dominant discourse business (not science) ; • how do you begin to control construction of knowledge ; nothing means anything without discourse • dominant discourse has capacity to punish • 10yerds(10 yr contract with uni for proff)-u also need to get grants to prove that what ur doing it important • its the only play makes this point- that successfully evacuates all discourse from the stage • dominant discourse is potentially lethal ; Beckett was in France in hiding for 2 years • Pozzo clearly ha
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