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Lecture 3

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PSYC18 Lecture 3 1262012 120900 PM Slide 3 y Objective Knowledge when we are though to be objective we dont want biases to get in the way the way we do our work nature of laboratory experiments data people collect reflect social convention and bias It is not the truth We pretend it is objective but it is not as objective as you think What seems objective is arbitrary y Subjective Knowledge subjectivity is example liking a certain type of art or music When you see something nice you are projecting outside to the world what seems subjective is what we projectSlide 4 y ThoughtOriented One mode is very objective rational and planning oriented Cant shift out of one modality to another Not stopping to smell the roses y FeelingOriented EmotionOriented Constantly reacting emotionally to thingsSlide 5 y One hand the person thinking too much and another person feeling too much y You cant have thoughts without feeling Whenever you think about something you feel good or bad excited or not etc thoughts produce feelings Feeling is a shadow of cognition listening to your guty When you have thoughts there some sort of residuey You cant have emotions without thoughts You cant have emotions without understanding a situationy Mind and body are always together feelingsthoughts and emotionsthoughts are always together You cant have one without the othery When you think of something there is an affective residue called feeling They are a result of analyzing the world Example You can be a big thinkerthinking of going into a business or not they have a feeling good or bad Second when you have an emotion you feel sad happy angry A situation has to be understood or interpreted a certain way In one way when doing action and another by having reactiony What rules guard mental and bodily mechanisms such as of withdrawal how the body as an organism works in terms of mechanisms but the mind doesnt work like this abilitySlide 6 y Important table y Adaptation means vigilant and stimulusoriented Take the feature your appraising and match it with the list Selfterminate you stop the search when you find what you need example you stop looking for a guy when you find one who has what is in your checklist
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