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Lecture 4

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G Cupchik

PSYC18 222012 120900 PM Slide 4 y Essentializing is a process whereby a person or object or event is seen as having central qualities inside of it that defines it and theres no opportunity for changey Teleology Purpose is built into the system He is a nice personshe is a nice person that person is governed by a quality inside them that makes them nice y Religious teleology Try to engage in good deeds to get you to go to heaven y Behavior is a function of that person and environment Galileo approach is dynamic Many behaviors to decide whether a person is nice or evil Many examples of that society to conclude there like this or that y Situation is fundamental to understanding for us emotional eventsy Person and environment has to be in the back of the mind when we adopt this viewpoint example in Japan you dont point Slide 7 y We create experiences of pure phenomenay Lewin bringing a European orient perspective said if we want to study something in the laboratory it has to be a recreation of the world out there y Ecological validit
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