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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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G Cupchik

PSYC18 2162012 121100 PM Slide 3 y Actions guys is cognition plus emotion y Know the columny Action guys adapting to world around usy Need the brain to give us energy to do it Slide 4 y Activation and inhibition of system y Activate cerebral cortex for energy to focus and inhibit any emotions y Action model concerned with adaption and facilitation of those processesy Emotions really means adaptation Slide 5 y Names of important people on exam y Know whos attached to whaty Last paragraph is crucial y We are in a situation that will challenge us y We have a bodily state of arousal in this situation that challenges us y Were adapting to a challenging situation y Important to understand the situation you are in because it helps understand how you feel Slide 6 y Values fit with actions y Need to organize how I understand my world and how I do it in relation to the situation Im iny Knowledge of situation is crucial Slide 7 y The higher the lesion the less information gets through less bodily arousal y Visceral arousal feeling in your gut before an exam where you get butterflies in your stomach and cortical activation brain is juiced upSlide 8 y Emotioncognitionarousal y Less arousal less emotion y Less input from visceral weaker emotional response because in the emotional situation if you cant feel bodies reaction you wont have collection of the episode Slide 9 y Emphasis on evaluation of social or physical situationy If something happens in your body you are going to look at situation for cause social
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