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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gerald Cupchik

LEC 2 C18PLATO ARISTOTLE Soul ReasoningPassion and Appetite Psyches 1 Reason headimmortal 1 Nutritive plantbiological cognitivethinking portion separate from function growth reproduce body maintain 2 Passion chestmotivating willful action 2 Sensitive animalimagination of courage and honor Dies with body and locomotion memory 3 Appetite bellymortal affectionsensation central desires sensation 3 Rational sensitiveabstraction deliberation weighting of options and recollection priming conscious Education EducationTheory of Forms perfect innate knowledgeTabula Rasablank slated mind use education rewakens what we already know sensory info to get informationEpistemeperfect unchanging knowledge VS Doxa imperfect sensory distorted knowledge Lifestyle Lifestyleemotions will inhibit true wisdomidolize hierarchy of naturefocus on contemplation complexity increases going towardswe dont need sensory it will guide us away topGods from true knowledgeReason Emotion energy put in hereimmortal psycheRational mortal biological psyche more complex than blood and bonesemotions depend on evaluationour diff beliefs causes diff emotionsystematic determination of worthRhetoricPersuasivegood personhonest argumentevoke truthful emotions do not pervert the judgeHellenistic PeriodPeloponnesian war to establishment of roman empireuncertaintiesEPICUREANISM dont desire more than needed STOICISM dont desire Good Life comes fromno goalsdesiresdrivemanage emotionspredestinationyour actions have nosuppressionof emotion directionGod determines your conclusionpreventiondo something else to prevent emotion Happiness moderationhumblenessemotions causes overconsumptionno goals that arent needed for physiological life
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