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LEC 3 C18 ORIGIN OF LIFEwestern answerGodspecies are immutable they are here and alwaysFossil record shows Special Creationspecies are NOT immutable therefore o Species change speciationthey are alive now but not in past and extinctionLamarck naturalistPrinciple of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristicsphenotype changes genotype lifestyle transferred to offspring soft hereditytransmutation of species Lyell geologistargued that earth is older than figured 100 mill years vs 2k yearsenough time for species change Malthus ecologistpopulation growth ratefood growth ratestruggle for existence DarwinVariation in specieswin given species Attributed differences to envi conditions Natural Selection results fromspecies competition heritable variation conditions that differentially favoured these variations Sexual Selectionsexual maturitybasic survivalPressureselfpreservereproduction propagate your genes o May interfere bird will expose hims
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