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Lecture 5


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Gerald Cupchik

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LEC 5C18 Facial CuesAllportdifferentiate ive emotions anger and fearAllportTomkinsdifferentiate ALL emotions affectfacial beh shape internal emotional experience o Babiesface gets most of their response o Head movement visual fixation eyehand coord develop faster o Afferentefferent channels nerve info from facebrain not body o Instinct face muscleresistant to habituation o Centre of expression FrisenEkmani central to emotion emotional expression ONLY but doesnt show others how you feelInfo sending capacity facilitated by o 1 Anatomical Indepdiff cues from diff parts of face o 2 Low transmission linefast face changesmicromomentary affect displays 150 of secondSchachterWheelerexpressionactual emotion EkFrinot actual o STUDY men ONLY epinephrine adrenaline or chlorpromazine slows you down or placebo o laugh more but no diff in stim if you found it funny therefore laugh does not mean more amusedArtificial induction of expression did NOT cause emotionArt reduction in exp did NOT inhibit emotionCupchikLeventhalcanned laughter condition while looking at cartoon o Men laugh more but didnt evaluate funny o Women laugh more evaluate more funny really Or obligatedOatleys Criteria of Real Emotional Expression from NonEmotional o Brief 110 seco Involuntary activating corrugator musclecorner of your eyes o Continuity parallel in expression in animal kingdom o Embarrassed gaze aversion touching face puckering lipEkmanFriesenSmiles when lyingliar is best caught with bodily things o macroexpressioneffortful facial expressionthe dominant o microexpressioninvoluntary facial expressiono Fake VS RealSTUDYfocused on magnitude of smile Informing them about 3 parts of face brownose lower facemore sensitive to mismatchDisgust ExpressionTriangularis musclepulls mouth down AtwoodAlcohol ConsumptionExpectancy of Perceptual Cues o Aclcauses agg behwhy o What personalities mediate alc and agg Possible mechsExecutive function Sayette make accurate interpret of emotional cues understand world around usDisinhibitor HermanPolivyacts on prefrontal cortexdisregard in social convention impulsivity poor risk assessment
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