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Lecture 6

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Psych of EmotionsLecture 6exam chapters 17 lecture 16We have activation of systems and inhibition of systems o We activate the cerebral cortex and we inhibit emotionsThe action model is not concerned about emotion its concerned about adaptation Cognitionarousal emotion where emotion really means adaptationKnow what Nisbett and Schachter said for the exam its at the bottom of slide title Stanley shachterSchachter o Brings a European emphasis on recreating a social situation o Cognitive and situational factors trigger physiological processes o Were in a situation that will challenge us o We have a bodily arousal while adapting to the situation o To understand the situation that were in will help understand what you feelo Cognitive consistence theory and cognitive balance theoryCanon o 79 of the people reported feeling weir o only 21 of people had real emotionsthe role of arousal o the higher the lesion the less information you get from you
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