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G Cupchik

Lecture 7 382012 101100 AM Slide 3We have reality face realityEmotion is like a signal that something isnt going on properly Slide 4When things dont fit our body tells us sweat etc and we have to deal with situationOur expectations are based on our background Slide 5Pribram wants you to shut out unnecessary factors and focus on what you need to cope with situation Slide 6What they call emotion has a signal value that interrupts your goals and concernsSlide 8Brain is organized in modules engineering analysis of emotionDealing with communication in modules that help you strategize Slide 9The emotion need not be conscious This is importantB physical reactionEmotion has at least 3 parts People argue you only need 23 Slide 11Caused emotionssomething out there did this to youComplex emotionsimply the self Slide 12Everything is about appraising Drive x Habit The longer the deprived the hungry you are Habit is a rat trying to run to get cheeseDrive x Habit x Expectancy x Value DH is early and V is from the 1940sSlide 13Behaviorally orientated theory about goals and outcomesSlide 14More humanistic side to cognitive emotionEmotion is tied to culture in this contextIn different cultures people have different kinds of emotional experiences that are contingent on how that culture sees the worldDifferent cultures have different fundamental meanings of life and this is what Averill looks at
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