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Lecture notes for Lecture 3

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Gerald Cupchik

Lecture 4 Phenomena as more important than theory - When doing research you always want to look or work through examples, such as case studies(an example-phenomena- before the plan-theory-) o Science is composed of patience and irony; you must look at things in context(ie; A scientist is conducting this experiment, even if he or she did all the steps of the experiment correctly, the results may have been found in error. This is why scientists must be meticulous and patient, question the process of their research, else theyll receive strange results that people might interpret as fact- The irony!) o Must not exclude any human powers from scientific activity, we want a variety of skills at our disposal- always be open to insight o Goethe believes that facts are components of a phenomena and we can reconstruct and view it by using comprehension which takes the form of fullness of the phenomena(eg; a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is a fact, putting them together makes up the full picture, the
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