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PSYC18 - Lecture 11 Slide 4  Psychodynamic: particular relationships (you forgot birthday, to call).  Particular stimulus is invoking a role (a prescription) that you had to do and you may lose a person’s love.  Unresolved relationships.  Anxiety and guilt are part of life. Accept it rather than letting it paralyze you.  When put ontologically it changes the nature of it so it doesn't paralyze us. Slide 5  As a consequence to anxiety or guilt you can be wrapped up in a subject matter (sexual guilt).  Guilt related to norms of their culture, which are arbitrary.  Instead of being defensive, feeling guilty is a type of defense.  You can feel guilty and the next time you can feel guilty. Guilt is a nice refuge.  Guilt can be a lifestyle (feeling sorry for yourself so you care for yourself and might expect others like society to do it for you).  Find the meaning in the situation and address it.  Face the situation your in.  Transcend it (rise above it) by understanding the world has meaningful relationships. Slide 6  Psychodynamic deals with subject matter.  Phenomenology is concerned with experience. The structure of our experience.  Existentenology (?) deals with existence.  Time didn't change because society didn't change in the medieval times.  There’s time and space. Space closes in. Time and space are temporal and spatial plasticity. Slide 7  Feeling time, space.  Depression: time is so slow the person can’t engage in activities.  Anxiety can go slowly or quickly. o Time slows because you want the exam to quickly come. o In anxiety the thing isn’t coming. o Waiting for acceptance. o You’re feeling the space between. o It speeds up too. o Depends on the situation. Slide 11  Causality is plastic.  Plasticity of time, space, cause and effect. Slide 12  Qualities of material. Slide 13  The more emotional you are, the more distortion.  When something is going down and we’re emotional it will show in distortion in time, space and causality.  Phenomenology: the signs of experience.  When your super emotional, the distortions (in time and space) are going together.  You can live in one world as a professor, with friends, family. Existential the world(s) that you’re in. how many worlds are you in? Are there conflicts? How are you brining both worlds together?  They are fixing. It’s not like adaptation.  In your world, your having experiences in certain situations.  Your experiences tell something about your world. Slide 14  Threshold of awareness should be in the middle.  Unconscious is nifty. It is filled with negative themes that are painful for us to look at. We turn our back on it inside of ourselves.  There is a boundary between you and me but also between me and me.  Residue of feeling.  Some people bring it into a life theme but it’s hard. People normally don’t want to relive that memory. Slide 15  One thing to see the chicken and say that’s a chicken and there’s another thing to see someone cut off the chicken’s head which is meaning.  Cognition goes hand in hand with arousal.  Too much arousal, you can’t concentrate properly.  Easier to patch an odor to a place (remember something from your childhood). It is implicit. Slide 18  In an eastern/Asian viewpoint, if you want to do a landscape, you merge with that landscape.  It is not there and you are here and this is your brush. The notion of chi, resonance and life form, I feel it. It is expressed through me.  The only way to do something true is merge with it.  World of divorce.  What world do you know? That’s your future.  Everybody had a slice of somet
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