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Lecture 8

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G Cupchik

PSYC18 Lecture 8 1 Something you feel 2 bodily feeling 3 expression all needed for emotion Slide 11 Complex emotions imply the selfSlide 12 DH drivehabit knowledge of how to get food for rat DHEV value expectancy cog motivated beh value Slide 14 emotion tied to culture how culture sees world is dependent on peoples emotions Slide 15 Imp Slide 18 People pretend to be certain roles Slide 19 You are what your social group tells you are Slide 21 Emotion is defined by situation we are in We can embrace a role that makes us an alien and then get past it mother and daughter in train having conversation with weird guy because they looked past his appearance Slide 23 Important role of the self Slide 28 Germany 1700 holistic exam Mind as a whole Mind in relationship to the self Different approach than in England Different art Felt that the structure of body and mind are one The wh
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