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Lecture 2

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G Cupchik

PSYC18 Lecture 2 Thursday, January 19, 2012 Review: - Where we`ve been thrown into the world (“privileged”) The Academic World - Human sciences are guided by culture - ***Geisteswissenschaften When conceiving of our worlds - E.g. We have an ethics board now for our psychology experiments, why do we have that now? - There’re people who’re oriented on the surface or the depth (surface-oriented, depth-oriented) Which one is more complex? - The physical world is a projection of our concepts: Our physical world has changed over time - Viewing from the Einsteinium viewpoint is different than viewing it from a Newtonian viewpoint - *** We have Ideas about the world, we have ideas about the physical world and ideas about the social world, however, it does not mean they’re true - Reflect upon the sources of your ideas, your ideas can change Events occur in the everyday world - There’re things that happen in our lives that are more automatic and then there’re those that are more distinctive - Lived world (engaged viewpoint, world of meaning, world of culture, world of experience) - Plane of observation (detached, standing back, taking a look) Events in the laboratory world - Presumably, events in the laboratory world should be meaningfully related in the lived-world Personal Life Narratives - Facts might not be necessarily “true” - Just because you see it, doesn’t mean it’s true - Look beyond the idiographic experience to the shared experience Layers/Level - Freud – Double Touch: Agent and the Recipient - We live like we’re separate entities in a physically bound world - We are in many different lives all at once (In a classroom, we are part of other people’s live) - We are the Public world with the family, Private world that they don’t know about, private world that even you don’t know about (Freud’s subconscious) - We are multilayered/Multileveled: How coherent am I as a person? PSYC18 Lecture 2
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