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Psyc18 Lec 3 Objective vs Subjective knowledge. 2 kinds of people. Thought oriented. and feeling/emotion oriented feeling is a shadow of cognition. We cant have thoughts without feelings and emotions without thoughts Feelings, emotions, thoughts are all inter-related. What kind of rules govern mental activity and bodily activity? Mechanisms- bodily Mind/mental – Adaptation is about action – takes us to a biological foundation. Evolutionary influence. – we evolve depending on needs. Stimulus Emphasis – vigilant. Know what stimulus are present. Appraisal – Right or wrong? After acquiring the stimulus Evaluation – good or bad for me? Features – specifics Matching – match them against a list. Self terminating – terminate the search when we find what we need. Search for meaning.- We have a reaction – it brings up memories of the past. The difference in searching for a meaning is that we are automatically moved. We do not try to think of it. Like adaptation. Gestalt – whole situation Closure – end something. Exhaustive – c
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