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Psyc18 Lecture 2 We begin with the life world. Within the world there are meanings. And we try to grasp those meanings. Naturwissenschaften – Which is more complex? The physical world or the world of the mind? The physical world is the projection of our concepts. We understand our world a certain way. We have ideas about the world.(physical and social world)they are not truth. Subjective. Not objective. The physical world is a creation of the noetic world. The world of the mind. Automatic aspect in everyday life – boring Distinctive aspects – exciting. Critical episodes- things that stand out in your life. Plane of observation – detached viewpoint. Laboratory world – ecological validity. Manifest and latent, surface and depth of a life narrative. Looking past the idiographic experience to the depth (layers) - freud – double touch. The feeler and the feelee. Part of the ego development. - We live in the belief that we are separate entities within a physical bounded universe/world - We are in many worlds, lives. Eg day dreaming. The public world with the family. The
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