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Lecture 8

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David Haley

Lecture 8 – Chapter 8 & 10  Gender Identity: what’s allowing us to expand and contract in terms of forming a gender identity  Routines, stories, rituals: things you can do to maintain your identity o With your families or even your peers and friendships o Provide us with a stable identity Hegel’s Lord and Bondsman  Our consciousness depends on others to recognize us  When others don’t recognize you, your identity is at a sort of threat at that moment Definitions and Distinctions  Peers: everyone in your social group o Have friendships with peers but friendship is a more intimate relationship How do pee relatiohps differ  Young peers are not staying attentive to each other for too long  They’re not doing the same routines as they wud do with an adult  There’s more novelty in the peer group interactions  They’re more likely to involve : a narrower relationship than with adults Developmental patterns of Interactions  If one baby cries, another baby will cry in response  They toy with each other, pull each other’s hair  Peer is not until at least 1 years of age. Why? o b/c you have to have some sort of selectivity with who your peers are
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