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Carly Prusky

Psyc21- Lecture: Sept.10, 2013 - Study of social development is very impt, esp in children - Attachment to mothers (infants can detect mother’s smell) - 2 yrs  can experience feelings of jealousy - 8 yrs behv can be predictive of criminal behv @ age 30 - Orphans = lower level of <3 hormone (oxytocin) - Having a close friend compensated for being rejected by peers - Conflicted relationship b/w mom and daughter results in earlier puberty - Relationship = impt & regulatory aspect of ourselves - Model: early experiences may be more impt o Not necessarily true (but they’re still important) o Plasticity of social relations - Social media devices affect socialization process - Momophobia = fear of being separated from cell phone (@ 66% now) - Role of biology/ nature & environment/ nurture o Combination of both (not one or the other) - Are kids passive learners or active learners? o Social relation b/w child and parent always changing - What is the appropriate unit for studying social development? o Social dyads/ triads? o Indiv alone? o Peer groups/ siblings? - Is development continuous or discontinuous? - Is social behv result of situation or child? o Is the child always constant? Or is it dependent on the situation? o Usually: different behaviours in different situations - Does culture influence behv? o Yes: invid vs collectivistic cultures - What are the variants across history? st o Ex: 1 day of school in 1995 vs. 2005? o Gradual shifts through generations  (ex: multiple parents / two dads) o Technological changes o Mom working o Wars and other significant social events change social development o Economy, natural disasters etc will all affect social structures and behaviours - Is social dev related to other domains? o Yes !! o Cognitive dev, emotional dev, language dev - How impt are moms? o Very impt, but so are caregivers, fathers, siblings, teachers, religious leaders etc - Is there a single pathway of soc dev? o Finding your own pathways o Divergence of dev paths (Start the same but have different experiences - Equifinality  different experiences but end at the same place - Social dev began with Darwin’s work - Psychodynamic perspect
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