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University of Toronto Scarborough
Carly Manion

Social development  attachement: in fant will form attachement to impo ppl. the development of attach is major achievement of their social life. Attachement is the major thing. shown in the media too. rabbit proof fence, also in the movie I am sam. other movies In the lecture slides. attachment is very highlight and key in children development. attachment in young children are characterised by there factors: selective- finding someone who is very impo to u. physical proximity seeking: being close to mother, father grandmother, comfort and security: wanting to stay near and closeby, separation distress, proximity seeking is at the heart of attachment. safe haven.  psychoanalytic theory, learning theory. (ppt slides). both these theories are based on the mother, for the need of hunger and oral stimulation.  Harlow research with babies monkeys  learning theorists: operant condition. attachment development is based on visual, auditory . parents are the most reliable resources for these stimulation. attachment is not automatic, it happenes over time. it depends on the responsiveness of adults.  according to cognitive development views: before infants can develop attachment they must be able to differentatitae between mother and stranger. they must be able to differente even if mother is not there. they shud be able to do that because of the smell (birth smell). object permanence is a key in developming attachment, the idea that mother is going to exists. piaget: sensory motor scale. as children grow older, the attachment changes. less need for physical proximity.  coolby main theories for the idea of attachment (ethological theorists)= signaling behavior and human attachment. its all about exploring the world.three impo features: role playing: interact with their parents (social signaling). he stressed on mutual development (going to the mom and mom goin to him). this table shows phases n early development of attachment.  wat is means to be attached, how it develops: attachment develops by age 1- differentate between familiar and unfamiliar ppl. then u get close to familiar ppl. children ll seek contact and proximity. separation causing distress will peak at 15 months old. who are children attached too? primary mother, or another fimilar individual. multiple attavhments are common: father, siblings. as they grow older they also form attachement with other ppl (partners). they co-exist. fathers who fall on attacgement play with children. fathers in rich development provide more physical activities  temperament: insecure attachments  babies temp is affected by the caregivers response. Mary ainsworths developemed the strange situation. in which the child interaction with the mother Is observed.  sercure attachement: 60/65% of infants, its when children are distressed when mother leaves, and is happy when mother returns. they seek comfort from mothers after their distress. their confident in their mothers avialbility and they see their mother as safe haven.  insecure avoidant attachment: they will be distressed when mother leaves but they show avoidance when mother returns. they show lil distress.  insecure invivilant attcahement: infants display high level of distress, but when mother comes back they show anger on mom.  insecure disorganized: infants show confusing and
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