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Lecture 8

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Carly Prusky

PSYC21Lecture 8 Profs SpeechPurpleSlide 26Assignment 2 PURPOSE To write a research proposal about a hypothetical study you wish to conduct within the field of social development particularly child to adolescent social development DUE EXTENSION November 29th by 1159pm on Blackboard WEIGHT 15 of your final grade LATE PENALTY 5 reduction in mark per day including weekends FORMAT 4 pages doublespaced MAXIMUM This does not include title page or reference list 1 margins all sides 12pt font Times New Roman APA formato Introductionapprox 15 pages o Research questionapprox 05 page o Methodapprox 2 pages Choose a topico Make it specifico Make it unique Design a proposal for a hypothetical study you wish to conduct about this topic When writing everything should be written in future tense except when referring to pastprevious research Introductiono Tell the reader your topico Define the key conceptso Provide background literature with regards to your topic What has been discovered What is missing Find a hole in the existing research Why this topic When providing background informationdont need to summarize again as in first assignment just provide relevant findings and why they relateare important o No personal pronounso There is no minimum number of studies that you need to refer to but more than one would be better Research Question and Hypotheseso What is your research questiono What are your predictions Methodso Needs to be the biggest section o Participants Who How many Specify age and gender o Measures How will you go about measuring your variables Use existing measures Welcome to create new measures but they must be explained thoroughly o Procedure How will you carry out your study Design and the process Slide 78What is a familyA social unit in which adult spouses or partners and their children share economic social and emotional rights and responsibilities and a sense of commitment and identification
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