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Lecture 2

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David Haley

PSYC21 – Week 2 September 17, 12. Chapter 1 - multiple questions 4) both 5) both; look at how situation and personality influence the child 6) no 7) a lot of difference 8) they’re separate but related/influential 9) no, there are many other influences 10) no 11) many things –personal/cultural biases 12) no Theoretical Background - multiple theories  theories help to answer our small/big questions in our lives  traditional learning  can refer to these mechanisms to explain specific aspects of social behaviour, development and learning in certain ways are the same thing, evolution of certain behaviour is also like learning/development  cognitive social learning  simply by observing remotely (imitate=learned it)  social info-processing  going through steps  cognitive development  how a nonsocial domain influences social development, emotional attachments affecting relationships (e.g., acquiring object permanence)  social cognitive development  every social judgment is dependent on a particular domain of your social world (may think that when mom leaves=have object permanence, but won’t affect you when in a different place), bunch of little computers making social judgments (not just one)=separate social judgments operating independently  Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory  b
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