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Lecture 12

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David Haley

- CAVE AND PERCEPTION: is the world really how we think it is? -imitation allows us to survive and thirve in situations – evolutionary push Autistic – lack of social imitation due to neuronal disruptions -fathers 5 times more likely to pass genes for autism due to spontaneous generations - risk is higher in dads over 40 for spreading autism - more risk for boys - environment affects risk for autism by affecting the genome and increasing the risk for these spontaneous mutations - not enough research on mirror neurons to determine more on mirror neurons - there is an idea of construction to memory, constantly changing memories and we have a lot of bias by which we make memorys (filter out our experiences if we already know something) - every time we access a memory, we change it slightly - access to memory is different each time we call it up, so it changes the memory When amygdala fired up a lot, it can form associations that can form memories – fearful memries best model we have of how models are formed SM had no amygdala - showed her movies, she was never scared of the scary movies - reconsolidation: updating memories - after person learned association, performed extinction right away – ssee shape without the shock, and then brought them back and found that they did not have fearful response - critical time for extinction – only works right away after you have learned to make this association – if did it after the time, the people still were scared - after reconciliation, there is a new plastic consolida
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