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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

- in the past, by 24 80% were married - now its basically by 30% - most people wont have kids until they are in their 30s - probably started during hunter gatheres because it was easier for mother to carry child around when they roam around for food - want good reputations of taking caring of children to impress their current mates and their future potential mates - don’t know about brain changes – cant learn much from rat brain - inaccuracy: rodent brain literature states that cognitive functioning are lost, and then we assume it’s the case in humans – very little evidence supporting that mothers lose cognitive ability  is due to differences in cognition in rat and humans  if go back to animal studies and find out what they meant by cognition, and then we test it in humans, does tend to be the same - science gets confusion about how we relate results from animal studies to humans - virgin rats would sooner eat baby than lick it and take Care of it – thus during pregnancy, hormones changes causing rats brain to change and behaviour to change making it a good caregiver - medial preoptic area in hypothalamus? -hippocampus – helps with memory that are needed for parent - hypothalamus and pituitary contains many oxytocin receptors - get a surge of oxytocin receptor in all three of the areas - preoptic area is what is believed to cause changes in hypothalamus and pituitary – driving force behind it - olfactory system believed to be involved in bonding - periaquaduc – involved in determine
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