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PSYC23 Lecture 1  There are health disparities linked to SES physical and mental health outcomes are affected shows how social experience is biologically embedded  However we see some cases that contradict the expected SES health gradientsociety is more than just how much money and education you have there is a more specific mechanism  Early relationships, communities and behaviors regulate and filter biological embedding  Biology and psychology= relationship is reciprocal, it develops and evolves biderctional biology impacts psychological needs  We study the dynamic relationships between biology and psychology via instincts that can be conditioned/ hardwired behaviors like attachment, identifying critical experiences that shape individual diffs in that behavior and identify mechanisms that underlie those indivudal differences in behavior  Chronic and repeated stress is bad for physical and mental health but moderate and brief periods of stress are adaptive and can enhance your learning and social competence  Relationships with others and attachment behaviors can help you cope with daily stress  Mental activities = basic learning mechanisms that organize how we learn everything We form new memories according to time, emotional context and sex difference Stress and Parenting: How we learn to regulate Stress  Since we cannot measure bonding physically in the past we looked at normal bonding situation, and introduced chaos by pulling them apart then you could see how organized the relationship was by disrupting it u have to manipulate it to study it  Bowlby= father of attachment= used evidence from animal studies  Lorenze and Tinbergen: imprinting= innate releasing mechanism during critical period o We are born with a preference for parents, ther
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