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Lecture 10

PSYC23H3 Lecture 10: Sleep, Stress, and Behaviour Problems

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David Haley

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PSYC23: Developmental Psychobiology Clara Rebello PSYC23 Lecture 10: Sleep, Stress, and Behaviour Problems Research found little parent responsiveness to infants elevated cortisol (as reaction to stressful stimuli like parents still face) Often, sleep problems in kids is comorbid with behavioural problems Important to look into how sleep and stress physiology link to psychopathology Cry It Out (CIO) o Is it ok for parents to let infants cry it out? o https:www.ncbi.nlm.nih.govpmcarticlesPMC4266573 How to intervene with a child to stop them from crying 5step cognitive technique guaranteed to calm a baby Shushing Louder than a vacuum cleaner in your ears Sucking Swaddling Wrap arms downward Swinging movement SideStomach position Crying is reflexive Big question on this area regarding causation o Sleep regulates stress, or o Stress regulates sleep, or o Sleep regulates behaviour (or risk for psychopathology), or o Behaviour regulates sleep? Trying to find the answer to the above question can help prevent children from developing profound psychopathology Important themes to consider o Early relationship experiences and biology (such as sleep) influence how we learn to regulate stress across the life span
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