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Lecture 2

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David Haley

LECTURE 2 thurs January 19 2012 Nature vs Nurture debate why is this relevant to our lives what kind of questions fall from that How are developed from that Is the environment within the womb that makes us who we areSocial health population viewgrandfather of all associations if in a wealthy category with high education you are expected to live longer than people in the poorer category Exceptions within the graph at what kind of school and neighbourhood that they live in it s the thoughts in your head that makes the difference of where you are in the category Gorillas wonder in group males are called silverbacks o Charles the gorilla dealing with early life circumstances Taken away from the normative life they think he had a good relationship with his mother o Monkeys raised in captivity from the beginning and mother taken away they cant reproduce o Its a big deal that Charles can reproduce because most often they will not know how to reproduce o How playful you can relate to how stimulating you are and how good of a caregiver you will be and caregiving abilitieso Deflection in Charles mood when his girlfriend Samantha died Can makes emotional attachm
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