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Lecture 6

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David Haley

Lecture 6February 16Mini lab 2 o 1 mark for clear topic statement and specific hypothesis o 05 for outlining population o 05 for outlining the design o 1 for outlining the measures used in specific details o 05 for word limit o 05 for citing sources and references o 05 for writing style o 05 for coherence There are certain parts of the brain that are activated when you do something and when you see someone else perform the same action those same parts are activated in your brain mirror neurons o This is profound because it allows us to have a specific mechanism for how ones own specific experiences and perceptions are mapped on to someone elses experiences o Mirror neurons are at the front of the brain frontal lobe o It is as though the neuron is adopted another persons point of view o They must be involved in imitation in emulationThere is a feedback neuron that prevents you from feeling the touch though neurons act as though you are experiencing themThe Trier Social Stres
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