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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

LECTURE 7London Taxi Study change specific parts of the brain to do specific tasks o Huge ocean sea change to hormones during pregnancyMaternal Brain circuit hormones can change connections and the number of synapseso Does changes in hormones change behaviour Rise in oxytocin changes how u arentParent Cortisol inconsistent more cortisol after u give birth how much cortisol in ur system predictshow much parenting u do Cortisol can make Parents like the smell of their child with more cortisol plus more sympathy to child when child cries with more than stable cortisolPostnatal how much cortisol in their feces had no significanceSpecific types of parent beh parents are trying to get the kids attention to interact andengagePrototypical parentinfant interaction profiles o Dyad a kid gets upset and doesnt engage and tries to connect again with them they became nice They were mean when kids were good Maternal cortisol measure cortisol in the saliva Interacting with child is good for parentIf the kid is more happier the parent is more responsive alot more attentioneliciting but less than when kid is low in attention affectParent sitting on a chair having more basal cortisol makes more attentive thus more upset with the child even when the child gives attention High positive affect and parent sitting down with high cortisol then par
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