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Lecture 8

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Lecture 8 PSYC23 Thursday March 7 2012 Delayed marriagethe trend that people are not settling down as early as before the early 20s In the 70s peaking age of marriage was 24 for womenProfound change in 30 years so what are the implications in terms of biological reproduction SAME THING as delayed parenting same trend other these interplay many dont have kids until early 30s Now even if you get married later youre having kids even later IF EVERHow does having a older parent impact the parenting ways on the child Are there changes in neurobiology and hormones of older parent Evolution of Paternal Brain of all the mammals species only 10 have parents who are fathers it is not the norm So why do humans use this Theroy is that in huner gather times it eas more convient and easier if father carried child while they searched for food the mother could not take on all the responsibilities and therefore less likely to have time to reproducemore reproductively fit if you have a supportive partner Modern day evidence that shows father want to impress current mate and potential mate impress those around him y taking care and playing more with the child in public more than in home becau
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