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Lecture 5

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David Haley

Lecture 5Basic emotions we can Indetify them through specific muscles that move in the face Darwin stated that ellectricaly activated muscles in the faces reveal an expression Theses expression are 1 Universal by this I mean they are discreet as well as biologically determined2 Differ in Valence for example valence happinessvalence sad fear anger Our expression and recognition of an emotion differ on two aspects 1 Individual chacteristics such as self regulationemotion inhibitonand age mediate the duration and frequency of an emotion experssion 2 Culture characteristics different culture display rules frequency and duration of emotion also maybe bee appropriate or inappororiate Autonomic differences in facial exppressionsDifferent emotions carry different biological responses for example forfear we see an increase in heart rate and a decrease in heart rate for disgust For anger we see and increase in temp but in fear a decrease coldExperiment they were told to either relieve an emotion on mannulayy mimick it Found that the physiological responses were the same as if they were actually feeling that emotion The Facial Action task Emotions effect the way we recognize our souroundings Ie cognative baises the way we feel affects how we see the world It mediates how the organism cognative processs works For example feeling anger can effec
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