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LECTURE 12Platos Cave Allegoryo Cave is important how we solve certain limitation of the mindJan van Eykes Arnolfini o We have a cognitive overloado Its hard to listen to someones argument when you are trying to argue yourselfLimitation o We have a mechanism that helps us occupy other peoples frame of reference And we are constantly imitating We are posturing language We are social learnerso When social learning is helping us and working wellhow evolutionary it is and how adaptive it is If you imitate what others are doing it has a survival benefit There are real forces at work that force us to be imitators How do we not cut us off from other people when we want to think about ourselveso Cameloneon effectAbility to change voices and imitateo Impairment People who have no neurological capacity to imitate the most Autistic people often get blamed for their inability to imitate Doesnt seem to learn when around social situations videoautisticprefers to play alone Has to do with mirror neurons Something wrong with his neuron wiringthe mirror neurons went wrong Mirror neurons that fire when you imitate In an autistic child it is difficult for them bc it is difficult to put themselves in
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