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Lecture 11

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David Haley

LECTURE 11Today o Vagal highlights o MemoryPrinciplesEmotional memory study Infant memory study Vagal dollars o Two different brain stem nuclei not clear on how we measure them Not clear why having a lot of smart vagus is a good thing And difference btw when at rest and when your challengedo Its your potential that was first really noted having a lot of vagal activity when resting was found to be associated with a lot of good things If you have a lot of these vagal dollars you can always withdraw that just like having a saving account allows you to take it out when you really need it the most Vagal decisions vagal gears unconscious o Newer vagus and older vagus and we as mammals have options on which brain stems we are using o Is there individualdifferences A lot of the newer vagus activity or older vagus activity Not only due species differ mammals vs reptiles differ in what vagal system they use But also people differ in terms of temperament who is the kind of the person who has a high resting vagus system and when challenged and they let go of that break and their sympathetic nervous system surges someone like captain KURK in star Track smart use of the vagus with him but someone like spock always be in a serious older vagus activation when he gets a challenge he ramps it up calm and nonemotion not very sympathetic but as a reptilian strategyo There are some people that dont have enough vagal activity people that are depressed have very low vagal activity if they can stimulate vagus nerves artifically that this may sometimes help themQuantifying smarter newer vagal activity o Indirect methodsRSABreathing outo How we can measure indirectly activation of the smart vagus The vagal fibers spreading out to a lot of different target organs in the body some of them going into the heart bc we know when we breath out there is a surge of vagal nerve activation it is highly activated when breathing out your heart slows way dwn The longer you breath out the slower your heart beats When you measure the beat to beat that is being controlled by your smarter vagus It is an indirect measure of the smarter vagusVagalbehavior links o With a baby when feeding and sucking they do a vagal withdrawal they will be resting and their smart vagus will withdrawal and this temporary will make their heart rate increase If you didnt have your smart vagus on your heart rate will be sooo high Its the smart vagus that is a constant breakingo Socialcognitive challengeswhen resting and sitting down and your ability to take your foot of that break when you are in a challenged is very good to cause that surge in sympathetic activity is very good The ones who show these heart rate changes are the ones that do the best
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