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Lecture 12

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David Haley

PSYC23 LECTURE 12April 4 2012OVERVIEWPreamble o Challenges to updating our viewsDifferentiating perception from memoryDifferentiating perception from self and others Finish Imitation and Mirror Neurons o Review importance of mirror neurons o Development of mirror neurons Circle back to Memory o Fearful memoryo Implications of memory reconsolidation Epigenetics o A few details o Reconciling structural genetics with epigenetics o Big picturePlatos Cave AllegoryMemory vs perceptionhow do you really know whether an event truly happened o How are certain limitations of the mind solvedthink of Platos allegory of the caveJan van Eykes ArnolfiniPainter represented himself in the paintingcognitive limitation of multiple representation at onceImitationAllows us to occupy other peoples frame of reference Social learning o Adaptiveo Forces at work push us to be imitative BUT how do we keep the distinction between ourselves and others how do we negotiate keeping our own self representation distinct from the representation of othersEmpathyMind reading simulation Cameleon effectImpairmento Severe social disruptiono No neurological capacity to imitateautistic individualso No social learning o Autistic individuals Aspergers syndromemild form of autism difficulty coping with normal social situationsLBalaquiao Page 1
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