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Lecture 11

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David Haley

PSYC23 LECTURE 11Polyvagal TheoryMemory March 29 2012OVERVIEWVagal highlightsMemory o Principles o Emotional memory study o Infant memory studyVagal Dollars In a situation that is very challenging there will be a lot of reserve in the vagus allowing the ability to deal with the challengeo Like having a lot of savings in the bank for emergencies Vagal decisionsvagal gears unconscious Individual differences in vagus levelshaving a lot of new or old vagus activitydifference in this yes there are differencesa factor in the differences in behavioural strategies across individuals differences in temperament and personality for example o Smart use of the vagus systemthe kind of person that tends to have high resting vagus activity and can easily let go of the vagal break when challenged in order to rise to the occasionEg Captain Kirk Some just dont have enough vagal activityindividuals who are depressed have really low vagal activitychronic stress and reactivity to the environment Difficulty inhibiting emotions o Stimulating the vagus nerve artificiallysometimes helps these depressed individuals Quantifying Smarter vagal activityHow do you differentiate the kinds of activity from the old and new vaguscant really tell measures are indirect measures of the smart vagus Indirect methods o RSARespiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Breathing outsurge in vagal nerve activation vagal system is highly activatedheart slows way downincreases heart rate variability the time from one heart beat to the next the longer you breathe out the slower your heart beatsgets you into a relaxed state Inhalinginhibits vagal activityincreases heart ratedecrease in heart rate variabilityo Heart rate variabilityMeasuring time between heart beatsindirect measure of the new vagusVagalBehaviour LinksRemember o Vagus system analogous to breaks on a car LBalaquiao Page 1
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