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Lecture 10

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David Haley

PSYC23 LECTURE 10POLYVAGAL THEORY ndMarch 22 2012 Polyvagal Theory2 distinct branches of the vagus nervedifferent evolutionary stress responses in mammalso Older systemprimitivefightflight behaviour immobilization o New systemmore evolvedlinked to inhibition of behaviours communication and selfsoothing Opposes the SAM stress responseSympatheticadrenal system Vagal tonephysiological indicator of stress Evolutionary PerspectiveStructures o Dorsal motor nucleus DMNXolder systemvegetative vagus Activated when the more evolved branch failsoVentrolateral motor nucleus NAnewer system more evolvedsmart vaguso Mylinated vs UnmylinatedSome vagal fibers are mylinated and some arentMylinatedmore efficientactivated by the newer system likes to operate with the smarter one Organization o Hierarchicalover the course of evolution weve been adding newer and newer systemscumulative effect integrated into the older system Newer vagus takes precedence over the older vagus in mammalsolder system is used when the newer system failso Phylogeny recapitulates ontogenyyou will see things in an egg that look like a more primitive speciesa lot of similarity in the structures that are developing all the different species develop through a lot of the same structures which are repeated Seeing a new species develop you can see shapes of the older structures that are from ancient species from much earlier primitive species o DissolutionStress and Disease the first system that fails is always the newer systemventrolateral will go first before the older system Copingeach of these functions are associated with a specific function associated with how we cope in the world Evolutionary Perspectives strategiesSocial communication newer systemo Facial expressiono Attention head turning o Vocalization o Listening Mobilization sympathetic nervous system Feeds back to sympathetic adrenal medulla system LBalaquiao Page 1
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