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Lecture 2

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David Haley

PSYC23H3Slecture 2011912 Form a working glossary of key terms and concepts Key questions and debates going overtime We dont need to memorize the names and people time point etc identify that there is a debate One of the big debatesThis notion of nature and nurture we are asking that question today And we are trying to flesh out why thats relevant in our lives what kind of questions fall from it How do we develop to who we are right now nature or nurture Before we saw outside of mothers womb is that what we see now Are we just a product of the latest fads and fashions of our times and social world If its not extreme what is a more moderate position and we will drive that point thru different data sets today We will look at different species Considering what some of the studies have shown that have peeled us away from one of the extreme sides of the debate We will assert the extremes of the debate and then see some data to suggest differences otherwise We will go on to understand mechanisms that influences who we are and are notions of nature and nurture The problem SES health gradient and health correlationI said its the grandfather of all associations of trying to figure out who we are and determining our social status Were looking at how much adversity at the global level somehow goes toward the cells in our bodies and in most developmental systems and outcomes The difference between column 1 and 5 is 7 years An extra seven years is extremely significant No one wants to lose that because of their educational and financial disadvantage Women live longer So this is the main story and the problem is that these are averages When you look closely at a given population there are exceptions If theres something else going on subgroups of people what kinds of schools neighbourhoods etc things get more interesting Its your local subjective environment thoughts in your head that can constitute significant differences We focus on the significance of early relationships GorillasThey are a nice species unfortunately not many left600 in existence They are very big 200 kg 450 lbs or so these guys are heavy They are friendly and very calm They wander around in nice little troops Touched by a wild mountain gorilla
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