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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

PSYC23H3SLecture 6021612 Today slide Early experiences set neuro independent systems their systems are behaving differently The subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes brain function changes how they perceive the world Low level perceptual stimuli theres variation on how you perceive that that links back to these stressful environmentsWe can lookextreme cases of abuse lets say and the effects are there But its interesting the same series of mechanisms may be in place for subclinical populations Its not just about someone who is abused in institutions everyday but also people who are normal The degree to which these systems are altered may be because of their adversity There are certain parts of the brain that are activated when we do an action It says that your own motor activity causes certain neurons to fire that also fire when those neurons perceive that activity Why this is profound is because it allows us to have specific experiences and actions are mapped on to other peoples experiencesVideo Neurons are adopting other persons view There must be more than imitati
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