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Lecture 5

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David Haley

Lecture 5020912 Autonomic Differences in Facial Expressions Our biology is organized by these emotions Youre feeling really happy whats your heart rate stress level What about being angry This must mean that biology is organized They have just established this facial way of defining emotions Heart rate as indicators have people relive emotions ie think of a time when you experienced anger Once your face is showing a specific expression then you show the same physiological patterns like having elevated heart rate in the case of anger and fear Interestingly for anger you have higher peripheral temperature in your fingers Youre reliving these emotional events in your life youre able to distinguish fear and anger by the temperature in your fingers The major message here is that its possible to distinguish emotions by the different physiological indicators Anger and fear look pretty similar hard to tell apart theres no difference in heart rate but there is a difference in temperatureEmotion effects on Emotion Recognition How does emotion affect your cognition judgments Thats a big topic Our emotions change all the time from moment to moment second to second How we take in information hasnt really been looked at when this emotion field started Just like biology can differentiate the emotion how about cognition Does Emotion influence our cognitive and perceptual biases Whether the emotion of what youre feeling will affect some emotional cognitive biases and perception of someone else Mood congruency effect in thi
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