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Lecture 8

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David Haley

PSYC23H3SLecture 8030812 Delayed Marriage Men and women the dotted lines in the 70s were peaking by age 24 they were starting to get up to 80 on marriage for women Within 30 years its a profound change in marriage behaviour These are implications for humanity in terms of the biological issue of reproduction Delayed Parenting If youre not getting married you are not having children as well Its even more dramatic The majority of people are not going to have a kid until they are in their 30s now You might get married and still have kids Are there changes in the brain that are age related Could that have an impact on parenting This is just an open question Evolution of paternal Brain All these readings are about the maternal brain Guys arent getting much attention Of all the mammal species only 10 are fathers Fathering isnt really a norm across different species That is different in humans Why At the stage of hunter gatherer it was just useful to have the man or the father take care of the kid or carry the kid as theyre wandering around looking for food which therefore gives the mother a break But if she has to take that responsibility then she probably is not going to be refreshed and be able to produce children as often This is a simple notion Maybe she appreciates someone helping her out Youre going to more reproductively fit if humans take advantage of that This is kind of interesting Some modern day evidence suggests that males are becoming fathers not because they know what their kids are they just want to impress current mate and potential mates The nice father whos playing with the kid in the playground theres evidence that they do take care of the kid more in public than at home And then of course its not so simple Every culture values parenting in a different wayMaternal Brain CircuitThis is sort of like a three level chess game We have been dealing so far with all the hormones associated with parenting that is one whole level Those hormones are activated peripherally and in the head What parts of the brain are involved in the maternal brain behaviour That is a big level two We also want to deal with the functions of these parts of the brain Hormones brain structure brain activity and specific behaviours that deals with those parts of the brain We will start to identify their functions and their respective hormones that activate them You want to get about six or seven brain regions down You want to know what they are doing and what hormones and chemicals they are associated with Human Maternal BrainA point I am going to make is that how useful is science Lets step back Parenting is obviously important We all want to be good parents We have a lot of scientists are studying this in animals to try
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