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Lecture 12

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David Haley

Developmental Psychobiology PSYC23H3 Last LectureAre we just at the mercy of our biology How do we differentiate self and others Mirror neuron systemA memory versus a perception or what is someone else versus your own experience Having broader view could be helpful Plato Allegory of the CaveIts an easy way for psychologists to represent the unconscious or memory perception issue If sitting in chair chained looking at shadows on the wall your not aware being produced by someone behind you This is how psychology is False memory you think something happened in your life but it is falseAncient allegory of cave helps us think of psychology of today Think about immediate experience is generated in the mind and it might be biasing you to what is really happening in the worldAny time raise questions about what our memory is versus our perception Self or other How do we know this We can think of the cave Cave important for thinking abt how we solve certain limitations of the mind How we represent ourselves and others there are limitation to cognitive resources when we try to take our perspective and understand at the same time with another persons perspective COGNITIVE OVERLOAD And even in literature they have wrestled with this for a long time In the famous picture by Dutch we see couple getting married when we zoom in the artist drawing the picture The artist represents the back of image and the artist is also in the picture The artist has represented themselves in the painting simultaneously We arent good at this If you are arguing with someone and you are defending your own its hard to listen to that person Information overloadWe constantly are imitating The professor lecturing is imitating people he has watched lecture before himWe are social learners Our language is the product of social learning What happens when this mechanism is working well Its adaptive evolutionary If we imitate exactly everything the prof says then we will get an A on the exam When imitate a predator the animal wont eat us
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