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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

PSYC23 Lecture 10032212 There are a couple of contradictory mechanisms in the poly vagal theory that we need to know about And it is asking us not only to play with the tinker toys in the autonomic nervous system to figure out this structure and this function but its asking us to appreciate this biological evolutionary perspective And so I think that might be why it will be challenging for some people to understand what the significance of it is I would like to start very slowly by going over the basics with this theory That there is an older versus the newer part of the brain that is regulating your parasympathetic nervous system thru the vagus nerves And that is point one The older system is called the dorsal motor nucleus and the newer system is the ventrolateral motor nucleus What were going to do today is adding a lot of associations to each of these brain stem nuclei Another distinction is that these vagal fibres some of them are myelinated Some of them arent the ones that are are more efficient and are often activated by the smarter nucleus likes to offer it those myelinated fibres Now the organization of these brain stem nuclei are hierarchal referring to the fact that over the course of evolution we have been adding these newer systems and its not like when you get a new computer you throw away the old computer You get the new part of the computer and integrate it into your old computer So we have to figure out this puzzle How do we have all the older stuff and how does it get updated with the newer system But that is just totally throwing out the old ones Biology is very different from our consumeristic mentality just buying something brand new and throwing the old one trying to conserve everything So it is going to take advantage to bring these old and new things together in dynamic ways And so the older and the newer vagus are going to be put together in interesting ways The reason we think this i
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