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Lecture 11

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David Haley

PSYC23 Lecture 11032912 Vagal Dollars Weve got these two different brain stem nuclei and its not clear how we measure them its not clear why having a lot of this smarter vagus is such a good thing what it means when at rest vs challenge hitting that last point its your potential thats really noted with regard to the vagus Having a lot of vagal activity when youre resting a model in your mind could be you know how you feel when you havein the savings account If you got a lot of these we playfully call vagal dollars we can withdraw that If youre in a challenge you want to be able to withdraw and spend these vagal dollars If someone comes up to the soldier security guard there he can withdraw from vagus and do something about the person who is disrupting himVagal DecisionsVagal Gears Unconscious Do some people make a decision of having low vagus or having new vagus activity or maybe having the old vagus activity Species differ mammal vs reptile and which vagal system they will be using associated with behavioural strategies People are different in terms of temperament When people are challenged they let go of that brake in the PNS You withdraw and the sympathetic system kicks in Captain Kirk that smart use of vagus is associated with him When he gets excited his vagus withdraws There are people speaking of individual differences who just dont have enough vagal activity People who are depressed have really low vagal activity If they can stimulate the vagus nerve artificially that can sometimes help themQuantifying Smarter Newer Vagal Activity How do we differentiate vagus activated by new vs old vagus We cant really measure this directly We know that the vagal fibres are these thick cranial fibres coming out of the head to targeted organs in th body Some of them are attaching to the heart Strategies adopted these days when you breathe out and sigh theres a surge in vagal nerve activation Your vagal system is highly activated when you do that When you do breathe out we know that your heart slows way down breath to breath The longer you breathe out the slower your heart rate when you panic heart rate sky rockets Indirect measure of the smarter vagus and not older vagus is the way to goVagal Behaviour Links Last week we ended with this figuretable of all these different studies by providing definitions of what these terms are With a baby when they are sucking they do vagal withdrawal Nipple in mouth focus on that smart vagus will withdraw That temporarily causes the heart rate to speed up The car is a good analogy If you didnt have that smart vagus heart rate will be 100 times faster This system keeps your heart rate at a pace That allows us to do in the emergency to take our left foot off that brake and zoom ahead Thats an important point The babies are taking the foot off the brake and sucking and metabolize You get aroused and relax a little bit You go into a calmer state Now there is this issue of resting When you
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