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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Haley

March 29 2012 PSYC23 lecture 11Vagal Highlights1Potential noted in regards to vagallots of vagal activity Vagal Dollars Good resting vagustake it out withdraw from bank when situation is really challengingreserve so you have plenty to draw from2Mammals have options to which part of the brain we useIndividual differences Who is the type of person that has high resting vagus relayed most of the time In challenging situations pull off brakevagus system can pull of sympathetic systemIe Spock older vagusreptile strategyIe Kirknew vagusmammal strategyDepressed people low vagal activityoIf can stimulate vagus nerve artificially this can help these people1Measuring activation of smart vagusVagal fibresspread out to target organs of bodyBreathing out surge in vagal nerve activationoHeart slow downoLonger breath out slower heart beatMeasure beat to beat of heart indirect measure of smarter vagus1Vagal behaviour links When babies are feedingseekingvagal withdrawloSmart vagus will withdraw temporarily heart rate speeds up metabolic fasternice homeostatic response calm Without smart vagus heart beat will sky rocket Smart vagus brakegas at the same timeWhen challenge take off brake and zoomHaving lots of vagus dollars when challenge can get off the brakeoThis is a good methodoHeart rate changes are the ones who did the bestCrying breathe out deeplymeasure smart vagusIf see someone sad challenge for vagus oDecreasing take foot off vagus nervebrake Memorydecrease RSAincrease HRoCan remember more
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